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Acquiring new customers is expensive in today's highly competitive world. Keeping them engaged and increasing their lifetime value is key to success. Existing customer engagement platforms are built on antiquated technology, making them complicated and difficult to use. We bring immense power wrapped in a brilliant UX to this $20B+ market. 

We are a team of visionaries, designers and engineers with a dream to revolutionize customer engagement through an entirely new programmatic approach. We live online with a nexus in Philadephia and NYC. 

We're part of Games24x7, one of the world's most successful gaming companies, backed by Tiger Global and the Raine Group. 

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Our Mission & Operating Principles

We’re on a mission to help games and e-commerce sites keep their customers engaged so they can grow customer lifetime value. We're focused on empowering the "little guy" with a powerful platform wrapped in a brilliant user experience that just works

Be relentless in making customer experience shockingly awesome

Be humble, hungry, driven and intense. Play to win

Spread positivity, eliminate negativity

Do what you say, say what you mean

Make it fun and create smiles

Improve yourself, every day

Do more with less

Listen carefully

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