Snapyr Webhooks: The Content You Need, Where You Need It


Combine the power of Snapyr Blocks with any part of your tech stack using our custom webhook feature!

Engagement and retention marketing in the mobile gaming industry is not easy. It requires a solid understanding of your players, their behaviors, their problems, and their happiness.  It requires creative ideas on the types of messages, offers, and creative to use when communicating with your players. And it also requires technology, of which, there are many options and ways a marketer can choose to engage with players.

Snapyr strives to improve and simplify the way gaming marketers think about and execute on retention and engagement marketing strategies, with our simple, easy to user Snapyr blocks; a block-based coding language that makes building a sophisticated marketing campaign as simple and as fun as playing with Legos.

We recently released a new feature in Snapyr that makes it really easy to build and run a Snapyr campaign and execute on that campaign in virtually any technology you use as part of your marketing tech stack.  Our new Webhook channel allows customers to define any HTTP/HTTPS endpoint and execute a POST, GET, PUT, PATCH, or DELETE request against that endpoint with a defined JSON payload.  This webhook can be used in combination with any Snapyr campaign logic and includes merge tags, which will dynamically populate specific user trait or user event properties into the endpoint, payload, or header values, if needed.  Simply put, Snapyr can now deliver anything you need anywhere you need it.

For example, let’s say your app uses an in-app chat bot to message and engage with your users.  You can now integrate this service with Snapyr’s webhook features and trigger specific chat messages to specific players based on their user behavior and traits. 

Chat Webhook

Additionally, let’s say you’re a gaming company and you have a homegrown system for rewarding points or tokens to your users.  In a Snapyr campaign, you can build out the logic with Snapyr blocks to deliver a specific message to your players when they achieve certain milestones to receive rewards and, with the a custom webhook, you can also include a request to your reward system to actually put the rewards into a player’s wallet or account.Rewards Webhook

The use cases are endless and we’re extremely excited about how our customers are planning to use this new feature to improve their retention and engagement marketing strategies, while also creating an exceptional experience for players. Learn more about setting a webhook channel in Snapyr today!

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