Snapyr: The Vision Behind the Customer Engagement Platform

Snapyr's Vision

Short on time? Here's the TLDR:

  • Retention marketing is important for mobile gaming apps but difficult to achieve
  • We're incubated in Games24x7, one of the largest gaming companies in Asia
  • created an in-house user retention platform that increased retention by 50%
  • We wanted to offer the same technology to others, resulting in Snapyr
  • Snapyr empowers marketers to create and analyze campaigns easily
  • Our vision is to help everyone with customer engagement, regardless of industry

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It’s no secret that customer retention is critical to success, yet mobile games have the highest churn rate in the apps industry. That’s no surprise given that gamers can have virtually unlimited gaming options—more than a million games on the App store and another half-million on the Play store. Good games aim for retention benchmarks of:

  • 40% of the players who installed on a given day should still play the next day
  • 20% should still be playing after seven days
  • 10% should still be playing after 30 days

Those are hard numbers to hit. 

Of course, the most important factor in building a successful game is a great gameplay experience—nothing can replace that. But nearly as important is player communications to keep them engaged. 

Can you detect if a player is stuck on level 3 and having a hard time getting to level 4? Why not send them a push notification with a tip on how to get through the level before they churn? Did a player open the in-app store and not make a purchase? Why not send them a drip campaign starting with a reminder on the advantages of making a purchase, culminating in a special offer that’s personally tailored to them? 

It’s easy to think of many such use cases. But implementing them is anything but easy. Coding campaigns for these kinds of rules become very involved. As rules change and marketers experiment, it doesn’t make sense to keep changing the app and resubmitting for approval.

Supporting push notifications, emails, text messaging, in-app messaging and the countless other forms of communication for a global audience is far from simple. Very few game teams have the resources to create a great game and build phenomenal retention campaigns. 

The birth of Snapyr

We understand this first-hand. Snapyr was born from—one of the most successful mobile gaming companies in the world. Games24x7’s development teams used to code retention campaigns manually. The process was slow and costly; they launched only a few campaigns per quarter.

Eventually, we thought: “There’s got to be a customer engagement platform out there that could handle all of this, and it has to allow us to scale up the sophistication and quantity of our retention campaigns.” 

We looked long and hard, but couldn’t find anything that fit the bill. We wanted a system that could:

  • React to real-time activity happening within games—whether that activity was on the game client or game server 
  • Support nearly arbitrarily complex rules governing campaign triggers 
  • Allow us to create highly detailed criteria for the target audiences we wanted to reach
  • Use models from our data science team to define such audiences

Ultimately, we needed a system that would support multiple communications channels and that marketers could use by themselves without taking time from developers. 

As a result, we built our own in-house system. It was an extremely expensive system to build but the team knew we needed something like this. Our hunch paid off. When the system launched, it empowered our marketers to experiment rapidly with ideas and double down on campaigns that worked while terminating those that didn’t. The next result—Games24x7 grew its lifetime customer value by 50%! 

We sat back in awe and thought about all the things we could do to make the platform even more powerful. Then we thought-—what if we could offer such a platform to other game developers? That resulted in the birth of Snapyr. 

Our vision for Snapyr’s future

The vision for Snapyr is a next-generation customer engagement platform for mobile game developers, and eventually for all companies seeking to engage their customers. 

We knew we wanted to build a platform that not only empowered marketers to create and analyze campaigns on their own, but also to get automated guidance on how to make their campaigns more effective. In short, we didn’t just want to provide a tool but rather a solution that helps retention marketers and community managers achieve their goal of increasing customer retention. 

We’re super excited to launch the beta version of this platform. It’s the first step in fulfilling a huge vision. Platforms such as these will be mission-critical and will need access to vast volumes of first-party and third-party data to allow marketers to precisely target the right players.

They will also need to provide marketers with the equivalent of a “programming language for retention marketers,” but something super user-friendly and easy-to-use. And, they will need to analyze marketers’ campaigns before they are launched and provide a predicted impact and recommendations on how to improve the campaigns. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

With that said, we need to get back to work! :-) 

Manu Gambhir, CEO, and  Brian O’Neill, CTO.

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