Omnichannel Marketing with In-App Personalized Messaging


Build omnichannel personalized experiences that span in and out of your app for each player to improve player engagement, retention, and LTV.

In this day and age, we live in a very “always on” and very “reactive” world where consumers expect personalized, privacy-minded engagement and can turn on (or off) a brand, an app, or even a friend with just a simple swipe or tap on their screen. In fact, according to SmarterHQ, 72% of consumers say they only engage with personalized messages and according to Salesforce, 66% of customers expect companies to understand their unique needs and expectations, yet 66% say they’re generally treated like numbers

Delivering a personalized experience is even more critical for the mobile gaming industry as player retention (especially in the first week after install) is a key metric for a gaming business.  Traditional engagement channels, such as sending push notifications, SMS, or email can be great ways to engage users, but what happens when those users click or tap those messages and land inside your app?  

It’s imperative for marketers to think holistically about the entire experience of their players, even after they click on a push or engage with an SMS.  Once a player is back inside the app, how do you keep them engaged? In-app messaging is a great way to deliver specific content, messaging, and call-to-actions to players and can be leveraged to:

  • Display an offer to be redeemed by the player
  • Highlight new levels or game features for the player to try out
  • Provide guidance on how to beat a level
  • Invite players to sign up for upcoming events or matches

Snapyr thinks about in-app as more than just pop-ups - it’s an opportunity to create personalized experiences that persist and optimize as users interact (or don’t) with your game across every touchpoint.  Snapyr blocks have been updated to support in-app messaging as a channel, where you can define and deliver in-app overlays to players in conjunction with all of the logic and power of Snapyr blocks.

Imagine a campaign where you can deliver a push notification to dormant users that installed your app, but haven’t played their first game.  When the player taps on the push notification and lands inside your app, you can deliver an overlay message that allows the user to add a free game credit to their account. Typically, this requires  internal accounting  with a system for customer offers. Snapyr can keep the internal accounting system in sync using our custom webhook feature.  

In addition to offers, In-app messaging allows for consistency across channels, and also unlocks the ability to test multiple in-app messages against each other, which extend to new in-app use cases such as optimizing the content and design of screens within the app for specific user audiences and even a/b testing display ad placements to optimize for improved ad revenue.

Snapyr’s in-app feature is built to handle any use case.  With a simple WYSIWYG editor, marketers can easily design in-app overlay content and assign the content to publish within their campaign. For more sophisticated use cases, customers can also choose to build their own in-app content as code (HTML or JSON), which Snapyr will deliver to the app via our SDKs or API, making any in-app experience possible for execution in a Snapyr campaign.  


With Snapyr’s new in-app features, mobile gaming marketers can truly build omnichannel personalized experiences that span in and out of your app for each player to improve player engagement, retention, and ultimately, Life-Time Value (LTV). 

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