Snapyr launches EVENT Blocks, a powerful new audience building capability

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Create precisely the right audience based on what your user did or didn’t do in the past. For example, now you can specify: “All users who are over the age of 35, live in California, made at least 3 purchases, but have not logged in at all in the past 30 days”.

How do you use EVENT blocks for hyper-targeting?

Targeting exactly the right audience for your retention campaign is critical. Snapyr just released a first-of-its-kind feature for a retention marketing platform that allows marketers to precisely narrow down who their campaign should target.

Now, when designing an audience, a marketer can include or exclude users based on a user’s event history. Events are the actions users have taken in your app. Your app can send any type of event to Snapyr—for example, a log-in can be an event, a purchase can be an event, if your app is a game, then a game_win can be an event, and so on.

EVENT Block Use Case

Let’s say you want to target an audience of users who live in California, are at least 35 years old, who have made purchases in your app but haven’t logged in the past 30 days. Perhaps you want to send this group an incentive offer to re-engage them. Here’s how you specify that in Snapyr just by dragging and dropping our Snapyr Blocks.


EVENT Block Use Case

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