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Boost your app's customer retention
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The unlimited power of Snapyr blocks

Intuitive drag-and-drop approach to building powerful campaigns.

Jen runs marketing for a popular yoga app — The Humble Yogi. She wants to send an offer to members who joined 30 days ago, but haven't yet subscribed to the premium plan. She wants to send different push notifications for men, women and non-binary members.

Jen creates the rules of her campaign using Snapyr Blocks. First, she places a WHEN block under the START block and configures it to run every day at 9a starting on Oct 1, 2021.

Jen wants to target users who joined 30 days ago but haven't yet subscribed. To do this, she places the FOR block within the WHEN block and selects an audience she previously created - "30-day old non-subscribers".

Since Jen wants to send a separate push notification for men, women and non-binary, she uses the IF block to check each user's gender.

As a last step, Jen puts a PUBLISH block inside each branch of the IF block to send out the appropriate creative.

That's it! She hits RUN and her campaign is live. Easy peasy.

Target audiences with precision

Dynamic audiences stay up-to-date in real time as your customer’s data changes. create audiences based on any adhoc combination of customer traits or historical events

Let's take a quick look at how easily Jen builds an audience of members who:

  • Registered 30-days ago, and
  • Are not subscribers

First, Jen drags the "All of the following are true" block on the audience builder canvas.

Next, Jen places the EVENT block within the ALL block. She configures the EVENT block to find users who have a REGISTERED event that is 30 days ago.

Notice that as she does this, she sees the number of users in her database that match this criteria: 3,562.

Next, she places the TRAIT block under the ALL block. She configures this to specify users who have a trait of "Subscribed" that is equal to FALSE, which will include users who have not yet subscribed.

That's it!
Notice that she sees that a total of 1,832 users meet the criteria of this audience. She can now save this audience and use it in campaigns. The audience updates in real-time.

Matt Rosen

Splinterlands, the biggest blockchain game in the world, relies on Snapyr for their player retention needs

“Snapyr empowered our community management team to quickly build and experiment with different ideas to keep our players engaged. It was a big win for our development team as we could stay focused on game development. The initial integration was also quite easy. Snapyr’s Javascript SDK worked very well and was quick to integrate.”

Matt Rosen,
Co-founder and CTO of Splinterlands

Craft stunning creatives for mobile push, email, and SMS

Dynamic audiences stay up-to-date in real time as your customer’s data changes. create audiences based on any adhoc combination of customer traits or historical events

Creative SMS
Creative for mobile push
Creative email

Real-time analytics help you optimize your campaigns

See real-time customer engagement stats as your campaign touches your customers.

Real-time analytics

Straight-forward setup

Send your customer and event data to Snapyr via our Rest API or use our SDKs for iOS, Android, Unity and web.

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Straight-forward setup

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