Supercharge your player retention

Using the world’s first no-code visual programming language for engagement marketing.

Splinterlands, the biggest blockchain game in the world, relies on Snapyr for their player retention needs

Snapyr empowered our community management team to quickly build and experiment with different ideas to keep our players engaged. It was a big win for our development team as we could stay focused on game development. The initial integration was also quite easy. Snapyr’s Javascript SDK worked very well and was quick to integrate.

Matt Rosen
Founder and CPO, Splinterlands

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Next-generation player engagement tools for game developers

Create campaigns limited only by your imagination

Snapyr’s easy-to-learn no-code language will get your campaigns live in minutes.

Target players with precision

Create dynamic audiences based on ad-hoc combinations of player traits or game play events.

Message via mobile push, email, In-App, webhooks, and SMS

We’re building more channels all the time. Have a channel you need? Let us know!

Real-time A/B testing and campaign metrics

Measure your campaign’s impact right after launch with real-time statistics and testing capabilities.

Create Campaigns

Build any campaign you can dream up with Snapyr Blocks™

No programming experience needed.

Our data-first platform allows you to...

Import unlimited users / players via API or CSV file import
Store unlimited custom traits for each user / player
Track unlimited events with custom properties
Send data with lightweight SDKs for iOS, Android, React Native & Web or our REST API
Integrate with industry-leading platforms like Sendgrid, Postmark, Twilio, and third-party APIs
Create unlimited workspaces - one for each of your apps
Add unlimited logins for your team (no per seat costs)
Get real-time support for campaign integration or ideation via a dedicated Slack channel for your team

Your developers will love Snapyr’s easy integration

Send your user and event data to Snapyr via our Rest API or use our SDKs for iOS, Android, Unity, React Native, or JavaScript.

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